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Fashion is best described by the style or the styles of clothing and the accessories worn by people irrespective of their body posture. Earlier people used to think that they should have a perfect slim figure to become a model or to wear fashionable clothes.

The fashion industry also restricted their fashion clothes for slim models only in the past. But with time they realized that by not dealing in plus size clothing, their growth is restricted in the ever-increasing fashion industry.

Now the fashion industry all over the globe has realized what they were lagging in. And they have increased the number of customers that fall under the category of plus size.

top plus size fashion

The fashion designers and executives have now understood that they were making a huge loss by not producing plus size clothes.

Many people are still not aware of the fact that plus size clothes are in great demand. Oversized men and women are keenly interested in wearing fashionable clothes that best match their style statement and define the curves of their bodies.

A huge number of curvy women flaunt their curves by participating in the fashion industry on a large scale. In the 1970s, it was the first time when the plus size models were represented by any agency.

Before this, models were only freelanced with retailers, designers, and magazines. And now there is a full industry for plus size. 

Women’s plus size is counted beyond 14W. For this size, the clothing industry has made some exotic wear that will gonna mesmerize your eyes. The categories just keep on expanding with time.

By this, the fashion industry has started to earn more and has started using plus size models for their advertisement campaigns and catwalks.

These full-size hotties are riding the wave of the public. As plus size clothing is not all about hiding the bulky body; rather it’s all about flaunting the curves of the body in the most sophisticated manner.

It doesn’t mean wearing baggy clothes to hide your oversized figure. Rather, well-fitted plus size clothes will make you feel sensuous by giving you an attractive appeal. 

Plus size clothing is something that is trending and every store offers it. The clothes are of a variety of sizes but are particularly designed keeping the curvy woman in mind.

Also, if you are a curvy woman then there are certain classic items that every plus-size woman should have in their wardrobe.

First of all, you must have a good pair of blue jeans in your wardrobe. This is something that you will feel comfortable in, so buy the right size with the best cut of jeans. Never go for too tight or too short jeans. It won’t look elegant or classy.

Another important cloth that a curvy woman must own is a basic white poplin shirt. This is versatile.

This poplin white shirt you can pair up with anything from blue jeans to an elegant business suit to black dress pants. It looks phenomenal with everything.

Also, plus size women should always have one red dress. It will make you look vibrant and energetic all the time. Make sure that you purchase the dress with such a cut that suits your body type and flatters your curve shapes.

Last but not the least, a scarf. Yes, you heard me right. A scarf is something that can dress up an outfit. A printed scarf could be paired up with anything you wear for a day. It adds so much class to the outfit you choose to don.

Based on the demand and exposure of the models, here is the list of top 10 plus size models present today in the business industry. This list is not made only based on their hot body but also the most successful and ambitious women counted in the business world.

Ashley Graham

Plus Size Model Ashley Graham

Age: 30

Height: 5.9 ft

Nationality: American

Appeared for: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Levi’s

Official Instagram: @theashleygraham

Professional Career growth

She is a supermodel from Lincoln, Nebraska. She has appeared on the cover page of various fashion magazines like Latina, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle. She is the first plus size model who graces on Sports Illustrated cover three times. The list of plus size models would be incomplete without her name.

She started modeling at just the age of 12. She appeared in various fashion magazines and her clothes and fashion become a trend. Ashley has served as a backstage host for Miss USA 2016, Miss Universe 2016, Miss USA 2017, Miss Universe 2017, and Miss Universe 2018. 

She has officially judged America’s Next Top Model –  a reality show transmitted by VH1. She also released a book in 2017, A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Look Like. 

Looking after her experiences as a model one can determine that fashion is all about confidence, power, and the way you carry yourself. She is a true inspiration for every plus-sized woman who thinks that modeling and fashion are all about women who have slim body postures.
At just the age of 31, she has created a history that no other models have created to date which is why she is at number 1 in the list of plus size models.

Jennie Runk

Age: 29

Height: 5.10 ft

Nationality: American

Appeared for: H & M, Marie Claire, Vogue, Seventeen

Official Instagram: @jennierunk

Plus Size Model Jennie Runk

Professional Career Growth

Runk is pretty new in the modeling scenes but she is still making headlines that make her occupy number 2 in the list. She appeared as a model for H & M’s swimsuit line and became the company’s first plus-size model to spot in clothing. She is usually considered for modeling for the curve-resistant category of swimwear. 

Many people believe that “plus” is equal to fat, which is equal to ugly and Runk proved it absurd. As she believed that many women who are considered plus size are actually in line with the American national average, or a US size 12/14. She says “I can’t argue that some styles look better on one size than another. The only problem is the negative connotations that remain stubbornly attached to the term plus-size”.

Age: 32

Height: 5.10 ft

Justine Legault

Nationality: Canadian

Appeared for: Elle, Torrid Fashion, Catherines Plus Sizes

Official Instagram: @itsjustinelegault

Plus Size Model Justine Legault

Professional Career Growth

She is a gorgeous model with blonde hair and her size is 14. Perfect skin tone, alluring curves, luscious legs, and a beautiful face make her a quadruple threat. 

When asked about her beauty regime, she replies “My beauty regime is similar to that of other models. Except that I love a good meal and I eat very well!” 

Like most of the other oversized teenagers, the life of Justine was in no way different. She was a chubby girl and her cuteness fascinated everybody. Her body size kept on growing with age and her weight became an issue to be bullied.

Thus, had a really bad time as a teenager. She was depressed and hopeless. But continuous support and encouragement from the parents provided her strength. And with full confidence and self-help grew in her, she became a determined lady and then never looked at her past.

Her story will truly inspire the oversized teenagers who find themselves ugly.

Robyn Lawley

Age: 29

Height: 6.2 ft

Nationality: Australian

Appeared for: Elle, Vogue Italia, Marie Claire, H & M, Ralph LaurenOfficial Instagram: @robynlawley

Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley

Professional Career Growth

She was the first Australian curvy model to appear on the cover of Australian Cosmopolitan and Australian Vogue. Also, she is the first Australian plus-size model to be on the cover of Madison, an Australian fashion magazine. She has been on various magazine covers and is also the very first plus-size model to star in a high-end designer campaign.

According to Robyn tall and curvy figure is the double whammy and confidence is sexy.

Chloe Marshall

Age: 27

Height: 5.10 ft

Nationality: England

Appeared for: Macy’s and Torrid, Plus Model magazine, Lane Bryant

Official Instagram: @chloemarshall01

Plus Size Model Chloe Marshall

Professional Career Growth

Chole is one of the most inspiring English plus-size models. After winning Miss Surrey in 2008, Marshall became the first size 16 model to reach the finals for Miss England. She also walked in Lane Bryant’s runway show in Las Vegas.

Marshall has worked with notable plus-size clothing clients including Macy’s and Torrid. She also walked in Lane Bryant’s runway show in Las Vegas.

Tara Lynn

Age: 36

Height: 5.7 ft

Nationality: American

Appeared for: Glamour, Elle, Vogue, Time Magazine, H & M

Official Instagram: @taralynn

Plus Size Model Tara Lynn

Professional Career Growth

Tara Lynn came into the spotlight after being featured in V and the French Elle’s plus size fashion shoot.

She drew attention by winning the hearts of many people after appearing on the cover of Vogue Italia in 2011.

Fluvia Lacerda

Age: 38

Height: 5.7 ft

Nationality: Brazil

Appeared for: Vogue, Bust

Official Instagram: @fluvialacerda

Plus Size Model Fluvia Lacerda

Professional Career Growth

She is known as the “plus size Gisele Bündchen”. Fluvia Lacerda is the plus-size model who’s set to bust out of her native Brazil and quickly take over the world.

Already have been featured in Vogue Italia in July 2012 and the February 2012 issue of Bust. She is married and has a daughter now.

Candice Huffine

Age: 34

Height: 5.9 ft

Nationality: American

Appeared for: CR Fashion Book, Vogue, V Magazine, i-D, Glamour

Official Instagram: @candicehuffine

Plus Size Model Candice Huffine

Professional Career Growth

Candice is one of the plus size models represented by IMG Models. She started her career as a teenage beauty queen and then slowly and eventually headed towards plus-size modeling and is leading in the chat for the longest time.

She was the first plus size model to be on the cover of Elle magazine. Apart from her modeling career, she is a true inspiration for all those women who are doing what they can do. 

Precious Lee

Age: 30

Height: 5.11 ft

Nationality: American

Appeared for: Lane Bryant, Glamour, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, Sports Illustrated.

Official Instagram: @preciousleexoxo

Precious Lee Plus Size Model

Professional Career Growth

It has been 6 long years since she became a full-time model. Lee has created a hybrid niche of advocate-activist-model for herself in a body-positive community. She is a model and also an advocate for race, gender, and size in fashion.

She is the very first black plus size model to appear in Vogue. She has appeared in various magazine spreads. Now she is also the newest star of Versace’s spring/summer 2021 campaign alongside Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber.

Crystal Renn

Age: 32

Height: 5.9 ft

Nationality: American

Appeared for: Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Vogue, Elle, Jimmy Choo, D&G

Official Instagram: @crystalball1111

Professional Career Growth

Renn started her modeling career at the age of 14 in high fashion. She was asked to lose almost a third of her weight to become a model and she does. After fighting with anorexia for years, she reevaluated her diet and exercise trends. She is one of the most inspiring plus-size models.

She wrote a book entitled “Hungry: A Young Model’s Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves”. In the book she wrote, she mentioned all the struggles she has to face and her experiences, to enter the world of the fashion industry.

There is no less effort required to become a plus size model than a slim trim model. To become one such requires effort and lots and lots of courage as we still live in a world that is full of negative connotations associated with thickness.

Just as the bigger women are termed as fat or chunky, similarly thin women are called gangly and bony. So there is no need to glamourize one of the body types and slam the other one. It’s high time we should stop this absurd hatred towards bodies for being of different shapes and sizes.

The issue of size equality in the fashion industry is more than simply adding patterns and extra fabric. In the words of Michel Foucault, “Where there is power, there is resistance” (Foucalt, 1976).

The fashion elite has held the power for centuries, but the resistance of the people, enabled greatly by social media, is creating a revolution. This movement will, in turn, hopefully, result in an increasingly progressive plus-size fashion industry that meets the demands of the ever-growing market.

There are certain questions one must have when talking about plus-size fashion or plus size clothing. Let us have a look over those questions.

The positive impact of average and plus-sized media fashion models on women’s cognitive resource allocation, social comparisons, and body satisfaction.”

Plus size fashion is evolving into size-inclusive clothing, with brands like 11 Honoré and Universal Standard leading the way.

In plus size fashion 2021, you will notice a vintage-styled look frequently. Dresses with the straight cut will be modish among vintage look dresses in plus size fashion 2021. You will find bright-colored dresses in lots of jewels and sparks in plus size cocktail dresses 2021. You can wear the clothes with high-heels for the cocktail evening.

Today plus size women are not lagging when it comes to clothing. It's a myth that wearing short dresses or bikinis would be embarrassing or are not made for plus-size women.

Fashion is all about your comfort and how you feel. Bikinis, denim dresses, tight jumpsuits, ribbed bralettes, front knot blouses, cropped blouses, and more options are there for plus-size women to wear and flaunt their curvy bodies sensually.

In 2021, plus-size fashion can be embarrassed with skirts and trendy trouser suits. And the color selection is completely seasoned and depends upon occasion. If you are opting for bright color clothes then you can pair that with good accessories.

Today, tropical plants, flowers, and even fruit patterns are trending and in fashion. Bulky women should opt for prints with small elements. Go for one piece if the prints are large else anything will go.

There are various romantic styling that can be done to enhance your plus-size beauty and flaunt the curves. Last but not the least, any color you select, make sure that you pair them with hot heels or shoes.

Plus size women should not refuse skirts. A pencil skirt would be an ideal choice for them and is in fashion. When looking for a skirt with full length, then tunics and cardigans are the best choices as the hips are the widest area and these clothes will cover it.

Again the color would be seasoned and calm but skirts and trousers are the best in trend in 2021 and plus-size women should start wearing them.

Plus size women should prefer blazers to conceal their curves. This option is best known to make people appear thinner and slimmer. So if you have one lying sound somewhere then do not hesitate to pick and wear as now it's the time to flaunt it out.

It gives a formal look and the bulkiness of the body is covered by it. It would be the best choice for any plus size woman. Just give it a try.

Curvy ladies should prefer wearing tunics tops, as it will give an elongated look to your body and it will make you look slimmer and thinner. You should wear a colorful tunic which is ideal for the pool or beach parties.

Also, take note that the gauchos pants are nowadays trending and if put on in the right way then bulky women would look breathtaking in it.

Curvy women can flaunt their bodies and curves perfectly by wearing a cold shoulder dress for afternoon brunches. They should go for a cape-style bodycon dress if heading for any extravagant parties.

You should always opt for dark or bright colors if you have a curvy body. If you wanna look deadly hot then go for fuchsia. Also, you must have a heavy pink shade in your wardrobe, if you do not have one then you can also go for ultra blue color. 

If any woman has a waist of size 27 inches or less and a hip size of 36 inches is considered to be curvy. Also, hip size of 46 inches and waist size of 34.5 inches or less comes into the curvy category.

The sizes and the requirements may vary from department to department. Some departments might designate a size 12 as a plus-size while others use a size 14 for the same.

But if you talk about the Modeling industry then the models of plus size usually fall into the range of sizes 8 to 12. Sometimes even size 6 is also considered under this category.

Here are certain body-positive plus size travel tips for the plus size women, that will help you to experience a better traveling experience on your next vacation.

  • Do thorough research: Before traveling to any destination have research about which airline is plus size friendly and has roomier seating. Certain airlines charge a plus-size person for two seats.
    Yes, it might sound bitter but it is the truth. You can have a check on different sites like SeatGuru for airlines seat maps. This will help you a lot. There are certain cultures where plus size is widely accepted whereas there are cultures where plus-size people are not seen quite positively.
  • Always choose an aisle seat: While booking the flight tickets make sure that you select an aisle seat. These seats are much more comfortable and convenient. As there is enough space for legs and more space for arms as well.
  • Wear a lightweight comfortable cloth: Wear what you are comfortable in as wearing comfortable, stretchable, light-weighted clothes will help you glide in the seat better and you will be relaxed while traveling. I will suggest you go for jersey style or cotton dresses. When choosing the bottoms then go for leggings or jeggings.
  • Always wear confidence: If you are going to someplace where you will be going on a beach then make sure to carry a swimsuit with you. You can carry either a two-piece bikini or a one-piece swimsuit. Who says you cannot wear a swimsuit? Just remember, you are on a vacation so be yourself and wear whatever you are comfortable in.
    It is the time to be your most confident one. Never allow anyone else thought to affect how you feel for your body. So whatever you wear should be your choice. Nobody is ugly, as everybody is beautiful in one or another way.
    Plus do not forget that it's the chance to flaunt your sexy curves. So just embrace your curves and feel relaxed and make your vacation the best one you ever had.

Even with the body-positive moment, so many people are still hating their bodies and are low in confidence. But it is high time, you need to be your own motivator. Certain ways will help you love your own body the way it is.

  • Never allow anyone’s thoughts to affect you and your body: Some so many oversize people are low in confidence and they hate their body size. As there are so many people around who keep on reminding you that you are bulky and you need to be fit and have a healthy body and all that bullshit.
    But this should not affect you as it’s your body and only you have the authority to how to maintain it and no one else. It should be your thoughts and opinion that should play a significant role in how you feel towards your body.
    Never allow any negative body image to take over you. It is good to have a healthy body but it's better to have a healthy mind. Keep doing a couple of things to keep your mind healthy.
  • Be honest about your feelings: Everyone might have heard the saying that honesty is the best policy and when it comes to body image then I am a strong believer.
  • Prefer listening to music that soothes your mind: It might sound cheesy but trust me it works. Whenever I listen to music it puts me in an enthusiastic mood and makes me feel like dancing. And when I dance, my stomach also dances all around and it makes me feel relaxed and puts me into a good mood.
  • Try wearing sexy lingeries: It might sound silly but all my sexy plus size ladies take a moment and stand in front of the mirror wearing a hot matching bra and panty and looking at yourself and your body. It will help you analyze the positive things about your body.
  • Never compare yourselves to others: God has made everyone differently. We are all the creatures of God so we do not have the right to hate ourselves by comparing ourselves to others.
    You never know, you have something that others might not have just like your sexy curves. Figure out what you love about yourself and embrace it.
  • Dress the right clothing for the body you have now: Always wear the clothes that fit your body you have now even if you are trying to lose weight or maintain the same.
    Clothes add magic to one's personality so always opt for the right clothes that fit your body. If you find one and wear it, trust me, all your negative body issues will be flown away.

People strongly believe that plus-size women are the lazy ones who just keep on eating all day, relaxing on their couch, and have no motivation in their life and they surely do not live a healthy lifestyle.

I would say a simple statement that “ don’t judge a book by its cover “. By looking at people you cannot figure out from where they have come and to where they are leading.

It might be his or her hard work and sweat that they have reached such size now but the world still categorizes them under plus size. This is just a myth that bulky women do not work out, rather they do yoga, dance, aerobics, go to the gym, play sports just like others.

Yes, absolutely. According to Dr. Linda Bacon, Ph.D. ( who is is the author of “ Can you be fat and healthy?” ) a person can be fat and healthy. She stated that “If you’re fat but fit—meaning you can be active for 20 to 30 minutes—you can live longer than people who are thin and out of shape!

She also added, “If you eat a good diet and exercise, you’re likely to be healthy, no matter what the scale says.” It's the world that needs to understand that plus size people are not just the ouch potatoes. They are the people who care about health.

The plus size models are the role models and ideals for other plus size women who are embarrassed and ashamed of their bodies. In a world full of negativities, one should keep their mind positive and healthy and remove the negative body image from their mind.

Whatever you dress, dress with confidence. If you are the one who lacks body confidence then here are certain tips that will help you boost your confidence with fashion. 

Certain perspectives can embrace your fashion from dressing the cloth that fits your body type to wearing flattering colors or buying clothes that make you feel at your best.

Wear what you feel to wear, whether it's a two-piece bikini or a tight-fitting one-piece. But make sure whatever you wear, wear with full confidence. It's your body and no one has a right to pass judgment on it. So it's you who decides what to and what not to wear.

There are still some people who do not judge women based on their size or looks. This shows their generosity and shows how noble they are. A person’s look signifies their thoughts, the way they look towards the world, their habits, their schedule, and how they relate to others.

And that is why fat women are far much different from skinny ones. There are many benefits you can see while dating a plus-size woman. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Accommodating: Big women are chubby and cuddly people which tells that they have a lot of bodies to wrap you around. They can share a lot of warmth when it's cold.
    Many chubby women value what and who they are instead of comparing with other regular-sized women. They are not egoistic and they do not have an attitude. They do not waste all their time maintaining their body and figure.
  2. Affectionate: They are very emotional from within and have a lot of care to show to their dear ones. They are very understanding and filled with tenderness.
  3. Self-esteem: Most plus size women have ten times the self-worth that a regular-sized woman has. They know that they are fat and chubby and people have opinionated minds for them but they hardly acknowledge them. They just walk away from such-minded people and live their lives anyway.
  4. Confidence: It is mostly seen that plus size women have strong character and strong decision-making capabilities when compared to regular size women.
  5. Better sex: Yes, you heard it right. It’s a fact that plus size women make better sex than a regular size woman.

Currently, leather trapezoid skirts are trending and are stylish trends of plus size latest fashion in 2021. This ideally goes perfect on chubby women. A great piece of advice is not to go for any velvet skirts as they do not hide any flaws of the body.

Pick up any regular plus-size dress in fabrics like georgette, viscose, crepe, jersey, poly lace, and chambray. If you are up for a bachelorette party then go for a lace layered dress and pair it with corset heels. This will give you a ravishing look.

There are various dresses for plus size with rhinestones and beaded necklines, shimmery satins, awesome flair, and many more. Don't be a stereotype that plus-size women should not carry any multi-color dresses.

This is all bulls shit, just go for the color you wish for and dress that suits you and you are comfortable in. There is nothing that suits regular size women and will not suit plus size women.

Also, a small tip, style your dress with belts and accessories as it will help your curves to look picture perfect. Believe me, your look would be ideal for all bulky women.

Yes, absolutely. You can wear out anything you wish to. But make sure that you do not wear anything too loose or too tight. You should prefer well-fitted tailored outfits which will enhance your body curves and give you an incredibly stunning look.

Always put plenty of mascara on and highlight your eyes beautifully. Go with the smoky eyes, it will give you a stunning hot look and enhance y9our eyes and beauty. And last but not the least, black eyeliner is a must. Or I can say it is the BFF for chubby faces.

There are certain tips that you can follow and show how confident you are, which are as follows:

  • Feel good about who you are and what you have: Just accept the way you are and love yourself. You need not take permission from others to love yourself. And you can only love others if you love yourself.
  • Wear whatever gives you confidence: Wear whatever makes you feel good and comfortable. If you are happy from within then it will directly reflect on you and show you confidence.
  • Maintain a good posture: Maintaining a good posture will also bring out your confidence. Wear anything you wish to but make sure you carry it well and maintain a good posture to embrace the beauty of the cloth.
  • Heels always add beauty: If you wanna add a little height to your get up then pair the dress with some medium-heeled shoes.

A shoulder-length layered cut with a side partitioning gives a great stunning look to plus size women. Messy curls or blond curls add some definition to chubby faces and help to balance the face.

Plus size women should prefer wearing casual shoes like canvas shoes, sneakers, loafers, boots, and moccasins. You can pair good canvas shoes with dreamy dresses and skirts and it will give you a sensational look.

If you are wearing any dresses or party gowns then you can go with pair of medium-sized sandals or go with flats.

Allegra Doherty was the first plus-size model. Besides this, she was the youngest model to start appearing in mainstream fashion magazines and ads. She has worked for various brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Lane Bryant, and other designers as well.